Installation proposal. With Haotian Zhang
Entry for 2019 "Bi-City" Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen & Hong Kong. 

Diplopia of Collective Vision

Materializing the self-surveillance


The project is a series of physical representation of everyday objects in Futian railway station, generated through photogrammetry using images from surveillance cameras and social media. The objects could be a chair, a ticket vending machine, an indicator board, etc., which are placed in the reality, replacing some of the original objects, and await an uncanny encounter. Through these defamiliarized objects, we hope to provoke the awareness of another round of self-surveillance, the potential construction of the collective vision in 3D space through photogrammetry. With abundant surveillance data, it is possible to rebuild the physical space into an exquisite digital diorama. Yet the photogrammetry model itself meanwhile becomes the public battleground of divergent images arguing over the objective truth, and its innate biases open up spaces for political and design discourses.
We avoid depicting a utopia or dystopia of the digital omniscience, but try to raise a question, by taking an ambiguous position between estrangement and faithful representation. The world in the eyes of the city is a flawed reality. Between the real and the representation, we hope the audience could guide themselves through the discovery of the subtle uncanniness.

(Self(ie)) Surveillance