Led with Hatian Zhang, Lidia Ratoi, Chang Su.

Mar 21, 2021 20 participants/2 sessions/1 day.

Part of the "Impossible Bricks" exhibition, by Lidia Ratoi.

Lecture and tutorial on plastics and material culture, and as-found-object installation building

Intimate Plastic: Workshop

Collective Making

Plastics are close to us. As indicated by their name, plastics can be anything: they can be cute and colourful, or shoddy and disturbing. They appear versatile in materiality: as hard as a stone, they can be strong and resilient; as soft as flesh, they fix our body parts and transform our shape; as thin as paper, they wrap body and space, thus leaving us in a bubble protected yet entrapped.

However familiar, plastics disguised their complex fabrication process and their material origin. By unveiling the unknown qualities beneath their smooth surface, is there a way to understand, and further, to empathize with the plastics?

This workshop, “Intimate Plastics” introduces the culture of plastics, their mass production and mass consumption. We invite our participants to touch, feel and eventually build a physical structure as an intervention to the exhibition space using ready-made plastic parts.

No prior knowledge of architecture or relevant techniques is required. Tools and material will be provided.

intimate plastics lecture